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Refund/Exchange/Cancellation/Warranty Policy

Vapor Fiend values our customers. You are why we are in business. Vapor Fiend polices are as follows:

  • Refunds - You have 30 days from time of purchase to contact us regarding a request for refund. Once we receive the item you want to refund we will expedite the refund. This applies to all items on our website.
  • Exchanges - If you prefer us to do a exchange on an item that you are not happy with just contact us within 30 days from purchase date.  This applies to all items on our website.
  • Cancellations - You can cancel any order as long as it has not shipped yet. Once it has shipped it becomes a refund order. Thus you follow those instructions for a full refund. This applies to all items on our website.
  • Warranty Policy - Most items you will purchase have manufacturer’s warranty that cover the item. You may use that or follow our refund policy if desired. If you follow the warranty policy we can help you contact the manufacture to pursue that route.
  • Return Policy - “You may return any new, unopened items” This applies to all items on our website. Please be sure you do this within the 30 day window from time of purchase.  

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